The “Compatibility” Revolution of Robots

Reeman began its efforts to promote robot compatibility five years ago, focusing on the standardization of hardware and software interfaces, specialization of division of labor, and enrichment of the hardware ecosystem. They have even opened up source code extensively, encouraging global developers to participate in this process. Read more
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Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Real Estate?!

From Australian Property Investment News by David T. ZhaoLeo, the kid next door, is an AI enthusiast with a fluffy head of hair and a pair of large glasses perched on his nose.He is studying actuarial science and programming at the University of Melbourne... Read more
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RPA and AI: A Match Made in Heaven

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two buzzwords that have been gaining traction in recent years especially since the introduction of ChatGPT, the 1st published language model in Oct 2022.Why RPARPA is the use of softwar... Read more
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