Flash Food Delivery Bot

Flash Food Delivery Bot is the most agile bot in our food delivery robots range, offering the ability to nagivate through passages as narrow as 55cm. It is the perfect solution for restaurants and clubs with crowded seating arrangement and smaller spaces.

Key Features

Precise Delivery
Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
No QR Code Required
Automatic Return to Charge
Intelligent Scheduling System
Can Pass 55cm Narrow Aisle

230° Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Flash Food Delivery Bot offers SLAM+3D camera multi-sensor fusion algorithm, navigation and positioning accuracy, lidar detection range up to 25 meters, can display real-time dynamic information around obstacles.

Industry-Exclusive Autonomous Scheduling System

Unique independent scheduling system supports multi-point delivery tasks, multi-robot cooperation,
orderly delivery, and automatic optimal path planning, providing more efficient and convenient delivery.

Easy Deployment

Unlike traditional delivery robots, Deligo requires no code and is easy to deploy, fast, and more efficient.

Automatic Return to Charging

Different from some other food delivery bots on the market, each of our robots is equipped with an independent charging pile, which can fix the charging position. When the power of the robot is lower than the minimum value, it will automatically return to the charging pile to charge without manual operation.

Cloud Platform Remote Navigation Deployment

Control the robot remotely and report real-time running conditions, helping customers achieve navigation map construction.


* All data provided by the Manufactuer's laboratory

Operating System

Android 5.1

Net Weight

49.1 KG

Product Size 

540 x 360 x 1216 mm


7 Inch
Resolution 1024 x 600

Load Capacity

15 KG per Tray

Voice Prompt



25.6V / 25AH
15 Hours

Move Parameters

55 cm passage 

Task Configration

Self Define Task Settings

Flash Bot

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