Meet Nova 
the Ultimate Business Assistant Robot

With the ability to see, hear, talk, display, move, scan and print, Nova is a versatile asset. Connected to ChatGPT, she engages in intelligent conversations. 
Nova can also integrate with your business software, adapting to your operations effortlessly. 
Nova isn't just a robot, she is a tailored solution for your business !

Want to see what Nova can do for your business?

Showroom Tour Guide

Nova can guide customers through a showroom, providing information about products, their features, and benefits. Using her large screen, she can display videos or images related to the products, and her camera can capture customer reactions or questions. Nova's ability to answer questions, engage customers, and create an interactive tour can lead to a more informed and engaging shopping experience.

Store Assistant

In retail environments, Nova can greet customers, assist with finding products, and provide information about ongoing promotions or sales. The card reader feature can facilitate seamless transactions, and the docket printer can generate receipts. Nova's knowledge of the store's inventory and layout, coupled with her ability to provide personalized recommendations, can enhance customer satisfaction.

Clinic Receptionist

Nova can serve as a receptionist in a clinic, welcoming patients, verifying appointments, and collecting necessary information. Her camera can be used for patient identification, and the speaker for providing directions within the clinic. Nova's self-navigating capability allows her to guide patients to the appropriate waiting areas, helping to streamline the check-in process.

Museum Guide

In a museum setting, Nova can provide detailed information about exhibits, artists, and historical context. Her large screen can display additional visual content such as images or videos related to the exhibits. Visitors can ask questions, and Nova's integration with ChatGPT ensures accurate and informative responses, enhancing the educational experience.

Hotel Concierge

Nova can be stationed in hotel lobbies, offering assistance to guests. She can provide information about hotel amenities, nearby attractions, and dining options. The card reader can be used for key card distribution, and Nova can even call elevators for guests. Her presence adds a tech-savvy touch to the hotel's services.

Airport Information Desk

At airports, Nova can help travelers with directions, flight information, and boarding pass printing through the docket printer. Her card reader can assist in scanning QR codes or mobile tickets. Nova's ability to provide real-time updates about flight delays, gate changes, and baggage claim can reduce stress for travelers.

Conference Greeter

For business conferences or events, Nova can welcome attendees, provide schedules, and offer information about speakers and sessions. She can interact with attendees in a conversational manner, answering questions and guiding them to different parts of the venue.

Education and Training Assistant

Nova can be utilized as an assistant in educational workshops or training sessions. She can display slides or videos on her large screen, answer questions, and even facilitate interactive quizzes or activities. This can create an engaging and tech-driven learning environment.

Embrace the Future

Technology is developing at an enormous speed and you never know what's next to come, say, for example, in 2020.

The rapid pace of technological advancements brings both uncertainty and exciting possibilities. Embracing new technologies has become crucial for businesses seeking to stay competitive in this era of digital transformation. By proactively adopting and leveraging emerging technologies, businesses can position themselves at the forefront of innovation and seize opportunities that arise. The key lies in fostering a culture of adaptability, embracing change, and proactively exploring new technologies to shape a prosperous future.

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