Our Other Innovative Robotic Products

Full range of robots for your different needs


Delivery Robot with Lockable Compartments


Versatile Intelligent Humanoid Robot

SnailClean Sentry

Cleaning Robot with Self-Cleaning Station

SnailClean Master

Ultimate Mop, Sweep and Vacuum Master

Vapor Guard

Disinfectant dispersing Robot

HealthGlow UV Sentry

Ultimate Mop, Sweep and Vacuum Master


A Chassis Robot that can Handle 100kg load

Moon Knight

A versatile Chassis Robot that works with multiple Tops

Key Features

Precise Delivery
Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
No QR Code Required
Automatic Return to Charge
Intelligent Scheduling System
Navigate Narrow Paths

Build Maps with High Precision

The 25m laser detection distance can perform real-time dynamic detection of the surrounding environment, build high-precision, centimeter-level maps, and support incremental mapping to meet diverse mapping needs.

Dual 3D Cameras
Flexible Obstacle Avoidance

Laser SLAM + dual 3D camera fusion technology, super environment perception ability, automatic detour in case of obstacles

Auto Return to Charging Station

When the charge is low, all Robots can return to its charging station autonomously.

Easy Deployment

Control the robot remotely and report real-time running conditions, helping customers achieve navigation map construction.