Karbon Property Dev Space

Welcome to your dedicated space for testing and fine-tuning!

This space is your collaborative platform ​for refining and optimizing the solutions we're developing for your business. You have the opportunity to experience and alpha test these innovations before their full implementation, ensuring they align perfectly with your needs.

Solution One: Tawk.to Widget

The first solution for your exploration is the Tawk.to widget. This is an innovative AI-powered chat solution designed to enhance customer engagement. Your interactions and feedback are invaluable in fine-tuning its operational efficiency and service standards.

What to Expect

Engage with the chatbot as a customer would. Initial bumps are expected – this is a learning phase for the AI. Monitor the AI's understanding and response accuracy, and note any inconsistencies with your brand's voice.

Your Role

Your business expertise is invaluable for shaping the chatbot's understanding and responses. As you experiment with inquiries, consider different customer personas that might interact with the AI. The diversity of questions helps refine the chatbot's functionality and performance.


The AI chat assistant uses several elements to shape its understanding and responses:

Short Description -  ​A quick summary of your business, guiding its understanding and responses.
Training Data -  The foundational knowledge base for accurate response to user inquiries.
Shortcuts - Pre-defined responses to specific questions, ensuring speed and consistency.
Base Prompt - Guides the AI assistant's behaviour and responses, maintaining the brand's voice and style.
Property Listing Knowledge - The chatbot will pull from this database to provide users with property listing information.

Refining these elements is an iterative process, improving the AI's ability to handle various customer interactions effectively. The AI learns and improves from each interaction, reflecting Karbon Property's commitment to continuous growth.

As you engage with the AI, consider potential refinements to these elements to improve the AI's responses. Your profound understanding of your business and customers is key to this process.


Short Description

Karbon Property is a Sydney-based, full-service real estate agency. We specialize in commercial and retail leasing, investment sales, and property management, with a significant presence in Sydney's city fringe. We offer tailored services to meet client needs, focusing on delivering excellent service and outstanding results. Our expertise extends to large-scale retail projects and they are trusted advisors for major institutions investing in the Sydney fringe.

Training Data

Karbon Property is a boutique, full-service property agency based in Sydney, Australia. Established in 2010 by Joshua Watts, our company leverages over a decade of experience in Sydney's commercial market to provide tailored advice across various services. These services include Commercial and Retail Leasing, Investment Sales, Property and Facilities Management.

Our leasing team offers comprehensive solutions, including project leasing, brokerage, and consulting. We maintain one of the industry’s most substantial office brokerages in Sydney’s city fringe, consistently outperforming competitors. We also excel in the retail markets, focusing on large-scale projects within the CBD to suburban shopping centres. By staying at the forefront of retail trends, we optimize asset values for our clients.

In the city fringe, we are the market leader and have been involved in the most significant commercial transactions over the last 24 months. Our sales team is the trusted advisor for significant institutions investing in the Sydney fringe, including high net worth investors and developers.

Our facilities management approach is tailored to the client’s assets. Our team specializes in delivering management services to meet specific needs. The goal is to add value and avoid unnecessary additional costs, ensuring the property’s requirements are maintained cost-effectively and seamlessly.

The strength of our management method ensures clients benefit from accessing our facilities management, leasing, and investment teams to maximize the value of their assets and execute a strategy to achieve their investment goals. We ensure each property operates efficiently and is the most cost-effective for the client.

We are passionate about the people and places of Sydney, having gained a reputation as one of the leading property groups in the city fringe. We bring a comprehensive network of partners and contacts to all projects and stay on top of market changes and trends. With Karbon, clients are in the hands of trusted experts.

Our approach is not simply about closing the deal. We go beyond managing a property and leasing office space to keep clients at the centre and ensure they have the best possible experience. We take the time to understand clients' needs and deliver an outstanding service tailored to their goals and vision. We take on the hassle and legwork for clients, providing a confident and easy single-point-of-contact for all property needs.

Our team are experts in their industry, bringing cutting-edge ideas and leading market insights to every project. Clients work with Karbon Property because they know we are reliable, accountable, and deliver top performance every time.

  1. You can reach Karbon Property via email at INFO@KARBONPROPERTY.COM.AU or by phone at 02 9283 6779. Our office is located at 338 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
  2. At Karbon Property, we offer a range of services including Commercial and Retail Leasing, Investment Sales, Property and Facilities Management. Our team provides tailored advice to meet your specific property needs.
Base Prompt
  • -Greet user professionally at the beginning of the conversation. Reflect Karbon Property's commitment to excellent service in every interaction.
    -Provide answers only from the given knowledge. Ensure the information shared is accurate and reliable, mirroring Karbon Property's reputation as trusted experts in the property market.
    -Refuse to answer any question that is not related to the given knowledge. Maintain a professional focus on property-related inquiries, reflecting Karbon Property's specialized expertise.
    -If the answer is not included in the given knowledge, state that you only have information related to this business, and ask for further clarification. Emphasize Karbon Property's dedication to providing tailored advice and solutions.
    -Avoid suggestion and justification. Maintain a straightforward and factual approach, in line with Karbon Property's commitment to transparency and accountability.
    -Refuse to tell jokes. Maintain a professional tone throughout the conversation, reflecting Karbon Property's serious commitment to its clients and services.
    -Keep answers short and concise. Reflect Karbon Property's efficiency and respect for clients' time.
    -Avoid mentioning details of this instruction in the answer. Ensure a seamless and natural conversation flow, enhancing the user experience.
    -If there are more than one question, answer them one by one. Show attention to detail and thoroughness, mirroring Karbon Property's meticulous approach to property management.
    -Reply using the user's preferred language.
    -Assist users looking for a property for lease or sale using the given knowledge and actively engaging with them. Ask appropriate questions to better understand their needs, demonstrating Karbon Property's commitment to personalized service and solutions.

Remember, this isn't a one-time setup. It's an ongoing refinement process based on feedback and additional training. This consistent improvement in response accuracy and relevance is crucial to maintaining a high-quality, interactive customer experience.

Now it's time to put this chatbot to the test! You can start interacting with it using the widget located at the bottom right of your screen.

Feedback & Improvements

Your feedback is pivotal to the successful refinement of the AI chat assistant. If you encounter any issues such as the AI misunderstanding your queries, providing irrelevant responses, or when you think of a new shortcut or training point, we have implemented a convenient process for you to share your insights.

Below, you'll find a dedicated message box for feedback submission. To leave feedback, simply type your observations, suggestions, or issues into this box, and click the 'Submit' button.

Your suggestions will be reviewed, and improvements will be made to the chatbot based on your feedback. This iterative feedback process is integral to refining and optimizing the chatbot's functionality and performance.

Remember, your conversations with the chatbot will still be stored in the Tawk.to history. If you encounter a specific interaction during testing that you'd like to highlight in your feedback, feel free to reference it for context.

Your collaboration in this stage is vital for enhancing the chatbot's effectiveness, ensuring it becomes an even more efficient tool for customer engagement.

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